Studio Address

30 Centre Rd, Vermont, Victoria, Australia 3133


The Pricing for our services is based on an hourly rate of $140 per hour including GST, plus a reasonable travel allowance of $60 per hour for travel time but travel allowance is only charged under certain circumstances.

For the larger jobs we have a flat rate of $790 per day including GST. This rate applies to jobs booked for a full day and provides you with a predictable costing structure not related to the number of shots taken. For most of our work the per photo charge equates to less than $10 per shot.
If our customers request us to travel longer distances then we simply ask that you provide airfare and accommodation at cost. We will provide individual quotes for a job if required.
How A Photographic Shoot Works…
We do not limit the subjects of our work if you need a photograph we will create a way to capture it. Small items in the studio or large items on site are our specialty. We can also bring our studio to your location.
We charge by the hour and take as many photos as possible in the time available. You as the client have total involvement the shoot and are welcome to review that shots as they are taken to ensure that we are capturing exactly what you want.
Once the photos shoot is complete the photos are edited (and if required background removed) the photos are then supplied to you electronically. If you have hired a photographer to capture images for advertising media, posters or calendars, you are the best people to choose the right photo for your campaign.
Images can be supplied as (RAW, high res JPEG, low res JPEG, PSD, TIFF 8 or 16 bit), dpi resolutions and so on. This is a shared Copyright arrangement which means that we as the photographers maintain Copyright however, once we are paid you have the right to use the photos as you see fit.
Terms & Conditions
All Photographs and images displayed are protected by copyright under Australian and International Law. All material on‐this web site is owned by Lewbeck Pty Ltd ACN 006 175 597, no unauthorized use or copying is permitted of any image, photograph or graphic. Images are purchased on the sole basis that they are for the personal enjoyment of the person who buys them. They may not be used for any commercial application and they may not be published without the written permission of Lewbeck Pty Ltd unless specific license is provided. All rights reserved. Any violation of the copyright of these images will be considered serious and will be pursued to the full extent of the law. All images remain the property of Lewbeck Pty Ltd and the use of any image is prohibited until payment in full is received. Lewbeck Pty Ltd reserve the right to use any photograph taken by it to be used for promotional purposes of Lewbeck Pty Ltd. Copyright of all material remains the property of Lewbeck Pty Ltd. When Lewbeck Pty Ltd provides images in a reproducible form, it does so on the express understanding that Lewbeck Pty Ltd owns the copyright of these images and that license is provided to the organization or individual to use that image. Misuse or abuse of this process will see the license revoked and legal action undertaken.

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